energy efficiency
energy efficiency

House with energy efficiency in Brittany

The environment in the heart of our concern

For each project we offer solutions environmentally friendly source of energy conservation:

  •  High Performance Masonry
  •  Reinforced insulation - Heat Pump
  • external thermal insulation (ITE)
  • Solar Panels
  • Recovery of rainwater.

 Arteco ahead 10 years on the regulation:
 With the opening of its exhibition house passive, the company Arteco innovates and reached a level of thermal performance rarely matched:

  • Masonry bricks 25 cm thick on crawl space in pumice,
  • External insulation of 24 cm thick,
  • Triple glazed windows with wood and aluminum,
  • Combined thermodynamic double flow for mechanical ventilation and the water heater.
  • Dynamic insulation with specific shutters and home automation
  • 50 m2 of photovoltaic solar panels

 Result, a house does not require heating and having a lower energy consumption at its production!
 With this innovative design, we want to offer you our expertise in energy performance.
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House with energy efficiency in Brittany

A wide choice of materials and services

Traditionnal or wooden houses:

Wide wall
Wood frame